Body Piercing by Lynn @ Labyrinth

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Please note; age restrictions apply. No body piercing on anyone under 14 years of age, if under the age of 18 years parent must be present at piercing to sign consent form, no letters accepted. Ear/nose piercing please call for age restrictions.

Lynn has been piercing for 20 years and training piercers for 14 years, her certificates are proudly displayed on the walls of her studio which is available for inspection when she is not busy. Advice is completely free at all times and any jewellery purchased will be changed free of charge into existing piercings, whether they are piercings done by herself or piercings done elsewhere!!!

 Based in Swadlincote High Street for the last 19 years,  she was previously based in Mill Lane Mews, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics.

Lynn works hard at trying to ensure the studio is completely clean and sterile at all times and an autoclave system is in place in the studio and used before every piercing to ensure "hospital standard" sterilisation of tools and jewellery. Lynn also only purchased 1st class "top grade" jewellery which is to EEC nickel directive standard, no stainless steel is used at any times. The studio also complies with all the latest Government Guidelines introduced in August 2013. 

Before any piercing she will explain to you everything you want to know about the piercing, what you should do after, what may or may not happen and you are given a 24 hour helpline number to use if any problems should arise or you have any concerns or questions. You are not shown or see any needles and anesthetic is used on most piercings to ensure they are as pain free as possible. There is no need to worry about changing jewellery after as this will be done free or charge by Lynn.

It is always better to have an appointment as you will then not have to wait or be disappointed if she is fully booked, although sometimes it is possible to get pierced without an appointment. All appointments for body piercing are booked for 1 hour to allow you plenty of time to choose jewellery, fill in forms and to ensure you feel fine after the piercing, you are not rushed!

Lynn has trained Lauren Mellor to pierce and when Lynn is not available Lauren is competent at covering the piercing studio so that we have full cover at all times.


What about booking a Ladies night at Labyrinth! 

It is illegal for a body piercer to come to your home and pierce as sterility cannot be guaranteed and the licencing department at SDDC does not cover this and our insurance will not cover us! So why not book a ladies night at Labyrinth Therapy Rooms! We will provide the fizz, wine and nibbles.... You need a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10 people for this! We have a lovely relaxing room to party you can bring your own music if you wish! You can also add beauty treatments for Ladies not wishing to have piercings! Or what about a tattoo..?? 

Here at Labyrinth we have all these under one roof and you could bring your friends and celebrate or just arrange a good old get together!! Please contact us to book a suitable date and let us arrange your whole evening!! 

The only cost is the cost of the treatments or piercings you have which will be quoted at time of booking, no hidden extras and all will be done in a clean, sterile room with  aftercare service. 

Genital piercing available, you are required to attend a consultation first to discuss the piercing. Please call for details and prices. Over 18's only!!!!!!

For all piercings you will be required to fill out a form giving your details, address, date of birth, medical details, signature. This form is a requirement of the council in order for me to be able to pierce, these details are kept completely confidential and used as your record should you call me. They are not placed on a computer or sold to mailing lists. I will give you an aftercare leaflet and a telephone number to be able to contact me on in case of any problems, you are welcome to come back at any time should any problems arise or you have any questions, I do not "wash my hands of you" when you leave my studio. You are not asked to sign any declaration forms to say I am not liable for the piercing afterwards. My moto is "if you can't put your name to your work - you should not be doing it".

Dermal Anchors

We now do dermal anchors.....£30 for 1, £50 for 2, £70 for 3, £90 for 4 and £100 for 5.

Please call in and talk to us...

Piercing Training

Lynn Also runs a piercing training school with 1 week piercing courses in basic body piercing £650 and Dermal anchor courses (1 day) at £150...if you do both together we do the two in 1 week and charge you £750....please call for details.