Body Piercing by Lynn @ Labyrinth

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Why did I become a body piercer!!!

Well, It was not through choice believe me! Although I do love the job now I hated it in the beginning. I am frightened of needles, can't stand sick, can't stand blood, and don't like hurting people!!! So why become a body piercer?

Way back in 1999 I opened a small shop, my niece said "Aunty Lynn, can you get some belly bars, no one in Swad sells belly bars" so I did! And they sold like hot cakes, she was right, no one in Swad sold belly bars. So lots of people came in to buy body jewellery, and lots of people came in to browse and said "I would love my belly done, where can I go" so I recommended a couple of local piercers and asked them to send me some business cards, and they couldn't be bothered!! So a year later when I opened a shop in Ashby I asked a local piercer to come and work from my shop and made one of the upstairs rooms into a piercing studio, we told everyone we were have a piercing studio and then the piercer decided not to come. So everyone was asking "when are you starting piercing" and my husband at the time had a stupid idea "why don't you pierce" he said. Me, Me!!!! So I made some enquiries and went on a course, and hated every minute of it. Back at the shop everyone was waiting for me to come back qualified and queing up to be models! So 50 free piercings, and 50 piercings at £5.00 later I started to like it a bit more. 20 years later I love my job. I see people come in frightened, worried, imagining blood, needles, pain and going out happy smiley people, there is very little pain, very little blood and you are not shown a needle unless you ask!!! I have tried to make the studio as relaxing as possible whilst trying to keep it looking clean and sterile. Soft colours, music, lamps, fans, water machines, chocolate!!

I am fully trained in first aid, so don't panic! If you don't feel right (and some people don't) then I know what to do.

Everything that happens in the studio is strictly private and confidential, I will not discuss you with anyone else or see you out in the street and shout "are your balls tight" or "hows your belly/nipple/bits". We pride ourselves on client confidentiality. We are also extremely strict on age limits and obtaining parents consent. As a parent myself I would be horrified if my daughter was able to go out and get pierced without my consent!!! After all it is against the law to pierce a child without the consent of the parent!! And what decent bloke would have a half undressed girl in front of him without the parent in the room I ask myself!!!