Body Piercing by Lynn @ Labyrinth

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Examples of jewellery prices.Please contact me for more details.

Navel Bars - Stainless steel single jewelled in sizes 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm. £3.99 each or 2 for £6.00 Plastic £2.99 or 3 for £5! 

Large range of fancy (dangly) navels from £4.99 - Logo bars from £3.99 -   Gold from £19.99.

U.V. Tongue, Navel and Eyebrow bars, £2.99 each  OR 3 FOR £5.

Titanium navel bars   from £5.00 - Spare balls and jewelled tops available.

Stainless steel ball closure rings (BCR's) 1.2mm and 1.6mm x 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm all £1.99 each

2.4mm (all sizes) £4.99.   3.2mm and 4mm (all sizes) £6.99    5mm+ £9.99.  Most sizes kept in stock.

Tongue bars   Stainless steel -   1.6mm x 12m, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm.  £3.99 Plastic £2.99 each or 3 for £5

Titanium coloured and polished from £5.99 - lots of fancy tongue bars from £4.99 -spare balls £1.00 

Eyebrow bars    Stainless steel 1.2mm and 1.6mm x 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm. £3.99 

Titanium in 1.2mm and 1.6mm polished and coloured from £3.99 (curved and straight) - Fancy bars from £3.99

Nipple  bars from £3.99. Rings from £1.99.

Nose studs     Large choice from £1.00 including clear retainers £1 each.

Ears      Studs £2.00 per pair.   BCR rings from £1.99.

Madonna and  labret   1.2mm and 1.6mm studs from 6mm to 12mm. From £3.99 . Gold from £9.99. 

Jewelled balls from £2.00. Plain balls from £1.00. 

Genital jewellery usually in stock.

Please telephone or email me for any jewellery prices, all jewellery fitted free into existing piercings.

Aftercare lotion available at £2 per bottle, advice free!!!!

Any jewellery not in stock can be ordered and received within 48 hours!