Body Piercing by Lynn @ Labyrinth

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Body piercing prices;

Navel - (Belly button)  £25.00  including a polished titanium (nickel free) belly bar.Single jewelled, choice of colours.

Nipple - £20 for 1 - £35.00 a pair. Including polished titanium ball closure rings, please enquire for bars & gold.

Eyebrow - £25 with a polished titanium bar. £20 with a p/t  ball closure ring - please ask about gold.

Tongue - £25 with long p/t bar. A further charge of £5 will be made 3 weeks later to change for smaller bar.

Genital -  Male and Female. Please call for prices, a consulation is required to discuss the piercings in detail first!

Madonna - £25 with polished titanium stud, a smaller jewelled stud can be fitted later, not recommended at piercing.

Labret, lip or Tragus -  £20 with polished titanium ball closure ring, £25 with polished titanium stud.

Diath/Daith - £20 with polished titanium ball closure ring, £25 with curbed titanium barbell. Other jewellery available one piercing has settled.

Please note - there is NO PROVEN EVIDENCE this stops Migrane!  

Ears -   With Gun - £15 per pair including studs. Single ear/top ear £8 with studs. With Needle £20 a pair or £10 single. 

Nose - £8 with gun, including studs. £15 with needle.

I do lots of other piercings so please call me and talk to me if the one you want is not on here.

 All piercings include aftercare. Age restrictions apply.



Dermal Anchors

Dermal Anchors - choice of top!    Stars, jewels, logo's, plain balls etc.

Come in and talk to us about Micro Dermals!

You must be over 16 for these and if you are aged 16-18 you must have a parent with you! Over 18's need to bring id! No id or parent - no micro!

Prices - 1 only £30 (any done at a later date may be discounted).

2 done at same time - £50

3 done at same time - £70

4 done at same time - £90

5 done at same time - £100

No obligation to come and discuss these with us! Come and look at them - ask questions! 

Please note - we do not do surface piercings!!!! We will explain why if you contact us!!! please avoid surface piercings they have a high rejection rate and leave terrible scarring - come and talk to us if you are thinking of having one of these and we will explain why we believe micro dermals are much better!